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Hello! I'm a first time boston terrier owner and our little Meatball will be going on lots of fun adventures with this active family! I'm a teacher, wife, and mother of a smartie pants little girl. I love working out, taking pictures, reading, scrapbooking, crafting, trying out new restaurants and exploring the outdoors with my family. I'm in love with Meatball and love making memories with him. I hope to learn more about Boston terriers and interesting places to connect with other fun loving people.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Watkins-Mill State Park

Next adventure was Watkins-Mill State Park with Meatball's grandparents.The park is celebrating their 100 years! 
Watkins Mill State Park is 100 acres of natural beauty located in Lawson, Missouri. It has been around since the mid 19th century so it is a preserved and protected historic site. The Watkins family provided lumber and livestock over 150 years ago. Did you know this is the only three story textile mill with original 19th century machinery in North America? The park has daily tours of the mill, the Watkins family house, the school created in 1856 and the church in 1871. The lake was created in 1960 in the center of the park. This park is great for fishing,hiking,camping, picnicking and has a paved bike trail that is popular. It provides showers,restrooms,laundry room,dump stations, and has 96 campsites,74 with electric hookups. We found that some sites were better than others and tricky to get in and out of so definitely check out which is best for you. Watkins mill also has summer events such as outdoor movie night in their amphitheater. Visit this National Historic Landmark to keep your family busy. 

Meatball did a great job walking the paved trail as he is better at walking on the leash now and was curious about everything. The weather was great and the views were beautiful. 

Meatball checking out the outdoor theatre

had to take  a break, he's almost 5 months now and his little legs get tired

Our campsite

Meatball getting cozy by the fire!

His favorite part is stretching out inside the RV…spoiled pup!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Roses and Coffee

Meatball was out enjoying the sunny weather and walking about this weekend to celebrate Mother's Day! Hope everyone had a fabulous Mother's day weekend! 

Meatball knows his coffee…we visited Hi Hat coffee just off State Line road in Westwood Hills Kansas. This is the cutest little coffee house ever, really it's a little house! It was once a gas station and has some photos of its beginning inside. Limited indoor seating but great coffee and cheerful baristas. I had my first iced-coffee and it was delicious. My favorite drink is "the avalanche"; you can have it hot, but it was just as good over ice. Meatball enjoyed the sunshine on their adirondack chairs. 

After some coffee we headed to Loose Park to look at the rose gardens.

Meatball knows about coffee! 

Hanging with the baristas
Kansas City's Jacob Loose Park is a 75 acre historical and beautiful park with picnic areas, rose gardens, playground, and water spray park. It was once a golf course then turned into a park in 1926 to remember Jacob Loose who founded Sunshine Biscuits. The Rose Garden was founded by a woman named Laura Conyers Smith who began the rose society here in Kansas City. It's pretty famous and perfect place for taking photos, having weddings, proposals or just picnic fun. 

Roses not quite bloomed yet

Handsome Meatball

Those puppy eyes!

Love those funny Boston Terrier faces! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Bath time cuteness!

Are you kidding me with this cuteness? We are starting to get Meatball used to getting wet and bath time. I'm hoping he will want to swim this summer too. We are using baby shampoo right now for that puppy fur but I may be moving on to something with a better scent soon. I know the puppy smell is cute but I'm ready for a fresh scent puppy! Do you use oatmeal puppy shampoo for dry skin? So glad bostons require such little grooming. No hard tangles or long hair to cut and comb out and an occasional bath is all he needs. I've noticed his nails grow like crazy though. Meatball has not shown any allergies or skin problems to anything yet so that's good news since I've read lots of horror stories about boston terriers skin allergies. We've got one healthy, cute and stubborn pup!