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Hello! I'm a first time boston terrier owner and our little Meatball will be going on lots of fun adventures with this active family! I'm a teacher, wife, and mother of a smartie pants little girl. I love working out, taking pictures, reading, scrapbooking, crafting, trying out new restaurants and exploring the outdoors with my family. I'm in love with Meatball and love making memories with him. I hope to learn more about Boston terriers and interesting places to connect with other fun loving people.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Panama City Beach Adventure

After Cape San Blas we headed north to the Panama Beach area for a few days then traveled to the Destin/Fort. Walton area. We stayed at Emerald Coast RV Beach Resort in Panama City, Florida--stop number two on our Florida road trip. This was one of our favorite places to park the RV. It was very beautiful, clean, friendly and comfortable. They were pet friendly and even had a dog wash area. Our only complaint is that it wasn't near the water, well the beach was one mile away. We usually like to walk or trolley on vacation but it wasn't walker friendly. But it was well worth the drive! Panama Beach has white sand and blue teal water! 
Meatball in his boston terrier pose

We were definitely the smallest one everywhere we went. Some of these motor homes were massive and as comfortable as a house inside. Hmmm.. ..we may be one of those old couples that retires to Florida! 

There is lots to do in Panama City though. We went go-carting, shopping,ate ice cream, did some swimming and more swimming. We even took time to go to Ripley's Believe It or Not to see some creepiness. Right off the beach is a huge shopping and restaurant area called Pier Park. Meatball made some friends at the dog beach and tried his 2nd attempt at swimming in the ocean but still decided sand digging and rolling is much better.

My hubby with the wax figure of the guiness record tallest man in the world. He was 8ft 11.1 in. tall and died in 1940.  (and if you know my hubby it's kinda funny!)

Then more beach time… he would stand in it as long as the waves were not moving towards him. (he's really smiling and excited inside…hehehe)

Shopping at Pier Park right by the beach was fun. Well--someone got tired so I tied a large shirt around me and plopped him in it, he was in heaven! I loved seeing the look on people's faces when they realized-- nope that's not a baby but a big eared puppy in that sling! 

Enjoying some ice cream, gotta keep cool ya know!
After a long day at the beach it was time for a bath in the dog wash at the RV resort. He was a good boy even though he wanted to jump right out of there. He smelled like baby shampoo for at least a little while until his next adventure! He is one spoiled puppy! 

"Okay, okay, I'm clean get me outta here!"

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Cape San Blas Adventure

Yes, of course I'm going to take my puppy on vacation then blog about it! 
Meatball headed south on the gulf side of Florida to Cape San Blas. It's part of a peninsula that separates St. Joseph bay from the Gulf of Mexico. (I won't mention how long it took to get there from Kansas City but …thanks to the hubby for getting us there.) It's quiet, secluded, beautiful and best of all the beach is dog friendly-Woohoo! Meatball had his first experience with the ocean, sand and sea creatures. He wasn't so sure about the water but loved to roll around in the sand. We stayed at Indian Pass RV Resort and parked it right in the white sand! We had a private area with a beautiful view of the water. 

Can you spot the Meatball? He did really well in the camper  and stayed right by us the whole time.  I was surprised how well he adjusted to a different routine and life on the road!

This was our campsite before unpacking, the picture doesn't  due it justice... Just to the left behind the trees is the beach! Park in the sand and go!(the only thing is we found out at night the mosquito's came to the beach but that's what bug spray and bonfires are for!)

Meatball loved exploring the sand for treasures but he wasn't so sure about getting in the water.

our beautiful view, great sunsets here

"Hey guys?! Is it dinner time yet?" By the end of the trip he had learned how to get in and out of the camper on his own. He'll do anything for food of course! 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Spot the boston?

Can you spot the boston? I love seeing these pics on social media! It's so funny how I just happen to catch him in hiding. He's really part rabbit, piglet and puppy. Meatball loves to burrow and cuddle and it just makes me laugh.

Of course, sister protects him and writes a note to let everyone know not to sit down! love it!

Our big baby wrapped in sister's blanket!