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Hello! I'm a first time boston terrier owner and our little Meatball will be going on lots of fun adventures with this active family! I'm a teacher, wife, and mother of a smartie pants little girl. I love working out, taking pictures, reading, scrapbooking, crafting, trying out new restaurants and exploring the outdoors with my family. I'm in love with Meatball and love making memories with him. I hope to learn more about Boston terriers and interesting places to connect with other fun loving people.

Monday, July 25, 2016


Meatball has such a funny cute personality. He is completely different from our previous dog so we are learning and adjusting to the differences. It's so interesting but true that dogs really have unique one of a kind personalities just like people do. 

Cuddle bug

Almost 7 months old!

Meatball hides under the picnic table at the dog park and watches the dogs.
He cracks us up with his funny expressions and wiggly bottom. He loves to cuddle up and he's so curious about everything. There's times when he thinks he is so tough and then just a little scaredy wimp also. I am still working on getting him to like water more and socializing him with other dogs. He tends to be really shy and submissive towards most dogs but then every once in a while he gets all "tough guy"with some dogs. Meatball will be visiting doggie daycare soon to help with getting used to other dogs in a good environment. I take him to dog parks but sometimes that can be tricky to make it a positive experience. We are so happy he's done really well with our daily routine and he's super smart. It only took him a few days to learn "lay down" and "roll over", of course that's only if you have a treat!  

He loves green beans …or any food really!!

I've had 2 people think I was holding a cat while out with my Meatball! 

HaHaHa! Yes- I know i'm crazy about my Meatball! 

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